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Military Bars used to be everywhere inJapan, however, as far as I know, there is only one remaining now, which is located in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima-City.

There are a number of items and documents from past wars in display, which were collected over a long period of time by the shop owners, a married couple the age of 80. A sides from the items displayed in Tenmonkan, other items are displayed at a museum called "war history museum" located in Hayato, Kirishima-City, which is also owned by the same couple.

I stood in front of over whelming quantity of mementos and captured them on my film as I wondered what will become of those things in the future.

I visited Kagoshima in order to create a photo book based on "ode to the southern lands of Japan" which is a poetry book written by my grandfather, however, I have decided to post images from this bar, the accumulation of the past, as the last images of this magazine, in dedication for our future to come.